Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement concepts present both a challenge and an opportunity to enhance the quality of services provided though the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. The Quality Improvement program supports the Local Mental Health Plan (LMHP) and is mandated by the Performance Contract with the State Department of Mental Health. As a shared responsibility with its providers, the LMHP holds a continuing commitment to maintain and improve the quality of its services delivery system. It is the function of the Quality Improvement Program to support this commitment by establishing processes for continuous improvement of services. The LMHP Quality Improvement Work Plan focuses on each of the following areas:

  • Service Accessibility
  • Service Delivery Capacity
  • Beneficiary Satisfaction
  • Clinical Issues
  • Continuity of Care
  • Provider Appeals

Additionally, Performance Improvement Project (PIP's) are developed and implemented for identfied priority problems that impact the mental health status, functional status or satisfaction of consumer and/or family members.

Cultural Competency (CCU)
Cultural Competence Plan – CY 2018 Criteria 1-8
Criterion 1 -- Commitment to Cultural Competence
Criterion 2 -- Assessment of Services Needs
Criterion 3 -- Strategies and Efforts
Criterion 4 -- Integration of the Committee
Criterion 5 -- Training Activities
Criterion 6 -- Growing a Multicultural Workforce
Criterion 7 -- Language Capacity
Criterion 8 -- Adaptation of Services
Final Rule: Annual Cultural Competence Training Requirement
Final Cultural Comptency Training FAQs
Final Cultural Comptency Training Attestation
CC Training Offerings April 2017 – March 2018
CC Conference Calendar FY July 2016 – June 2017
CC Conference Calendar FY July 2017 – June 2018
Cultural Competence 101 Training – online
Part 1: Basic definitions
Part 2: Cultural humility
Part 3: Cultural competency scenarios
Cultural Competency 101(Power Point )
Underserved Cultural Communities (UsCC)
African/African American
American Indian / Alaska Native
Asian/Pacific Islander
Eastern European / Middle Eastern

QI Work Plan Goals
CY 2018
CY 2017
CY 2016
CY 2015
CY 2014
CY 2013
CY 2012
QI Evaluation Reports
CY 2017
CY 2016
CY 2015
CY 2014
CY 2013
CY 2012
State & County Performance Outcomes
Fall 2017 CPS Survey Open Ended comments
CY 2017 May Report
CY 2016 November Report
CY 2016 May Report
CY 2015 May Report
CY 2014 April Report
CY 2013 Report
County Performance Outcomes Feb 2012 Survey Report
CY 2012 Report
Test Calls 2018
Test Calls Survey CY 2018
Test Call Policy/Procedure CY 2018
Test Call Schedule CY 2018
Test Call Guidelines CY 2018
Test Call Memo CY 2018
Test Call Crisis Scenarios CY 2018
Test Call Non-Crisis Related Scenarios CY 2018
Test Calls Study Report 2018
Test Calls Study Report 2017
Test Calls Study Report 2016
Test Calls Study Report 2015
Quality Management
FY 18-19 EQRO Annual report
FY 17-18 EQRO Annual report
FY 16-17 EQRO Annual report
FY 15-16 EQRO Annual report
SA QI Project Summary Report, CY 2014 - Family Engagement and Inclusion
Test Calls Study Report 2013
Quality Improvement Tools
Incubation Training Academy Basic Course
QI Handbook - June 2010
QI Status Report
Sixteen State Study on Mental Health Performance Measures 2003
Quality Improvement Council and Committes
Department Council Minutes
Countywide Children’s QIC

Cultural Competency Sub-Committee
Service Area Quality improvement Committees Meeting Directory


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