Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance (QA) Division was established to develop and implement processes and procedures to assess, maintain and improve the overall quality of the Department's service delivery system and to ensure that policies and procedures for the quality of care of our consumers are in place. The QA Division focuses on a commitment to ensure that minimum standards in several key operations within the Department are achieved.

Some of the responsibilities of the QA Division are:

  • Coordination of Medi-Cal System Reviews and other State audits
  • Custodian of Clinical Records
  • Medi-Cal Certification of Provider Sites
  • MH Professional Licensing Waiver Process for
         Contract Providers
  • Technical Assistance and Training
         (Documentation and Associated Claiming)

square Bulletins and Forms
arrow Clinical Records/Clinical Forms Bulletins
arrow Quality Assurance Bulletins
arrow Clinical Forms
square Contacts
arrow Quality Assurance Contacts by Services Area
arrow Keepers' of Records by Provider
arrow Medi-Cal Provider Certification
square Provider Manuals
arrow Provider Manuals & Directories
arrow QA Monthly Meeting Minutes
square QA Policies and Procedures
arrow Closing of Service Episodes
arrow Clinical Records Maintenance, Organization, and Contents
arrow Clinical Documentation for all Payor Sources
arrow Clinical, Rehabilitative and Case Management Service Delivery Supervision
square QA Protocol and Guidelines
square (Contract agencies may use these forms, however they must take full ownership and responsibility)
arrow QA Requirements for Directly Operated
arrow QA Written Process
arrow Chart Review Tool Short Version
arrow Chart Review Tool Short Version Supplemental Guide
arrow QA Requirements Skype Training
arrow Program Head Powerpoint re:Conducting Chart Reviews in IBHIS
arrow QA Activities Guide(Directly-operated only)
arrow QA Report for LE Contract Providers
arrow Corrective Action Plan for QA Report for LE Contract Providers
square Training
arrow QA Training Request Form
arrow Web-based Training
arrow Learning Net Site for Registration
square State Chart Review
arrow Fiscal Year 2015-2016 State Chart Review

QA staff may be contacted by email to: QA@dmh.lacounty.gov
Fax correspondence to (213)351-2491

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